Read chapter 1 – Strange Rivers

[Jake] There were a few years when it didn’t feel like I had a heart any more, there was just a lot of broken glass in there that cut me up when I thought about my life. But then Cassandra happened. When I met her I knew within ten minutes that she was the one […]

An interview with the author – Strange Rivers

Ash Braley sat down for an interview with fellow writer Allie E. to discuss Strange Rivers, her latest novel. Here are some of the excerpts: Allie E.: So we return to the Fields of Concorde – I was excited to catch up with the characters about what’s been going on there. It’s been – what, […]

An interview with the author – An Older Kind of Justice

I sat down with my friend and fellow writer Allie E. to talk about An Older Kind of Justice. Here are some excerpts from our conversation: A.E. So tell me what inspired you to write Older Justice. Why this book? Why now? A.B. It happened now because I ran out of excuses [laughs]. Actually, it […]