In Praise of Indie Bookstores

City Lights owner Chris Wilcox with Ash Braley.  I’ve always been a bookish person (of course) and spent many hours – days, weeks, decades – haunting bookstores. I mean, back when bookstores were intended as bookish places, that made you want to read, to learn, and dare I say it, think. I’m not above a […]

Read chapter 1 – Strange Rivers

[Jake] There were a few years when it didn’t feel like I had a heart any more, there was just a lot of broken glass in there that cut me up when I thought about my life. But then Cassandra happened. When I met her I knew within ten minutes that she was the one […]

Strange Rivers – a Fields of Concorde novel

Strange Rivers, a continuation of the story that began in An Older Kind Of Justice, is a reflection on the unseen ways we connect with our families and our heritage, as well as the chance events that shift the course of our lives to bring us both pain and healing.  Still recovering from tragedy and […]

An interview with the author – Strange Rivers

Ash Braley sat down for an interview with fellow writer Allie E. to discuss Strange Rivers, her latest novel. Here are some of the excerpts: Allie E.: So we return to the Fields of Concorde – I was excited to catch up with the characters about what’s been going on there. It’s been – what, […]

An interview with the author – An Older Kind of Justice

I sat down with my friend and fellow writer Allie E. to talk about An Older Kind of Justice. Here are some excerpts from our conversation: A.E. So tell me what inspired you to write Older Justice. Why this book? Why now? A.B. It happened now because I ran out of excuses [laughs]. Actually, it […]

Released – my first novel!

It was dark when Cass pulled into the gravel area in front of Johnny’s cabin. Not full-on dark, but that time when mystery starts to emerge, when different things are visible. Things that hide from daylight. Find out more here